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Aloha from
Hibiscus Lady Nursery!

Mahalo for visiting our Hibiscus Lady website.  We are working hard to bring even more fabulous hibiscus to you.  We seem to run out rather quickly, so please check with us for availability!  We update the site & add new selections about every month.
   For the first time in 20+ years in business, we have closed our physical nursery to all visitors.  
    The GOOD news is that we are accepting online orders for our Oʻahu customers via this site! Once you order online, we will check availability and email you an invoice.  You will then need to give us a call within 48 hours for us to continue to hold your new plants.  (808) 637-9995.  The call is to confirm your order; pay by credit card, and let us know when you would like to pick up your new plants!  Once your order has been paid for, we can hold your plants for up to a month more.
     If we donʻt hear back from you in 48 hours of sending you the invoice, we will reluctantly return the plants you ordered to inventory.

Our address for plant pick-up is:
68-240 Mahinaai St.
Waialua, HI 96791
Phone:  (808) 637-9995
     Mahalo nui!!!  Whatever you do, please stay safe and wear a mask!!!
Ukraine 3_12_22.jpeg

Aloha! We invite our Oʻahu friends/customers to assist us in helping the brave people of Ukraine.

     For the remainder of March, we will donate 10% of the sale of any of our hibiscus plants to the Episcopal Relief & Development Fund.

     From their website: "Episcopal Relief & Development is supporting Action by Churches Together (ACT Alliance) as it provides critical assistance to support people affected by violence in Ukraine. Working through ACT member Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) and other local organizations, ACT Alliance is providing emergency assistance such as food, shelter, water and basic supplies to refugees and people displaced within Ukraine."

     In addition, if you wish to "round up" the purchase price of any yellow and/or blue/purple hibiscus, we will add that extra amount to our donation. I.E. if the plant is $27 and you wish to round it up to $30, we will add the extra $3 to the donation.

Mahalo for your consideration.

                         Imua ʻo Ukraine.

                      MAINLAND SHIPPING

    Due to the pandemic, we have made the painful decision to no longer ship our plants to the mainland US.  DARN COVID!

     However, we have partnered with a wonderful certified nursery who will have many of our plants for mainland shipping in the spring.  

     If you want to be notified when this happens, please send Jill an email titled MAINLAND SHIPPING, and send us your name & email.  Send it to:  MAHALO!

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Learn how to care for your new hibiscus when growing in a pot or growing in the ground!!

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