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Mahalo for visiting our Hibiscus Lady website.  We are working hard to bring even more fabulous hibiscus to you.  We seem to run out rather quickly, so please check with us for availability!
     We get very reasonable, special pricing on shipping via FedEx.  Unfortunately, we cannot currently integrate these great prices to be automatically shown to you on our website.  Darn!  
     Sooo, you can place your items in the cart and order them via our site and we will be notified.  We will then e-mail you with a tentative bill including shipping.  This also allows us to physically check that we have your special plant in stock and that it is well-rooted.
      You can also place an order with us through e-mail.  Please e-mail us  your order.  Our e-mail is:    Please include the following information in your e-mail:
     1.  Your full name;
     2.  Delivery address;
     3.  Is this a business or a residence?
     4.  Do you want us to require a signature for delivery?
     5.  Your phone number.
     We will e-mail you back with a tentative bill including the shipping cost.  If it meets with your approval, you can pay by mailing us a check or money order, OR we can take your credit card information over the phone.
     Your order will be shipped on the Tuesday following receipt of your payment and youʻll receive it two days later!
    Sign up for our mailing list to be notified when we add more selections to our site.  Just e-mail us with your name & e-mail:

Aloha and welcome to our Hibiscus Lady website!

 Our 2 acre nursery is located in Hawaiʻi, in Waialua (Mokulēʻia) on the beautiful North Shore of Oʻahu.  

      The plants shown on this site are in our Certified area and are available for shipping to the U. S. mainland and Hawaiʻi's neighbor islands.  We will continue to check U.S. mainland weather, and as autumn and winter arrive, we will only ship to you IF the weather where you live is projected to be above freezing AND (for our east coast friends) IF the weather in Memphis is projected to be above freezing.  (FedEx connects our shipments to points east in Memphis.)

     We have additional selections currently only available for our Oʻahu customers that are not pictured here.  

     All of our plants are hybridized here at Hibiscus Lady Nursery and are only available by purchasing them directly from us.  We have numerous additional plants that still need another month or 2 before being ready to ship.  Please check back often!

     Our plants are all in 6" (1 gallon) pots and are very well rooted.  Most plants are in bud.

     You can navigate through our site by clicking on any of the categories etc the top of the page and then clicking on any picture within that category to learn more about that hibiscus OR once on any page you can go to the top and click on the "next" or "previous" arrows to advance or go back and scroll through our fine gallery of gorgeous hibiscus.

     MAHALO!  Thanks again for visiting us. We hope you enjoy your virtual tour of our unique Hibiscus Lady Nursery plants!         



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