Oranges, Yellows & Browns from Hibiscus Lady Nursery

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Kauila (Diana 1)  Hybridized by Ms. Diana Troutman, this stunning 6-7” blossom combines colors of dark taupe, lavender, bright pink, autumn orange, and bursts of gold.  It blooms often on a gorgeous bush.  Ka Uila means “lightning.”
Faith (188-02) Faith Burns Bright, as does the center of this elegant soft brown blossom. A joy to behold, this 7” flower blooms on a tall bush which will become full and lovely with frequent pruning.
Sweet Sarah
Sweet Sarah (21-05) - This rare, highly textured 6” flower combine hues of pink, salmon, and soft olive green - a color rarely seen in hibiscus. She is a good bloomer and grows on a tallish bush. She is named to honor Ms. Sarah Bushong on the occasion of her graduation from the Naval Academy.
Glory Be!
Glory Be! (12-12) - This gorgeous mini hibiscus blooms between 4 and 5”. The blossoms have very thick petals and a myriad of bright reds and golds. It is certain to amaze and delight in your garden.
Sans Souci 1
Sans Souci (43-07) - The shining frosted ice-pink eye radiates out in beautiful veinage into the soft pastel taupe of her petals. She begins the day as a salmony taupe, and evolves into a more golden tan. The extra petaloids of this 7 1/4” crested single add a touch of class to an already beautiful pua. Her name means “carefree” or “no worries.”
Marmalade Skies (29-15) Named to honor a line from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, this gorgeous beauty normally blooms at 8+”. She has a bright pink “eye” which feathers into a cream colored halo. The rest of each petal is a variety of soft oranges. Wow!
Sun Splash 13-17
SUN SPLASHED 13-17 This blossom will add a splash of bright sunshine to your garden! She normally blooms around 6”, and itʻs hard to tell if she is yellow with red splashes or red with yellow! In either case sheʻs a dazzling winner!
LEMON LOLLIPOP - This super sweet 7" blossom is bright lemon yellow with a bright cherry center. She blooms on a nice bush and will bring a great deal of cheer to your garden!
NEOPOLITAN BEAUTY (18-18) - This awesome new-to-Hibiscus-Lady mini hibiscus is a delight to behold. She normally blooms in the 4 - 4 1/2" range, and she combines colors of milk chocolate, vanilla, and salmony strawberry!
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